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What is a family toilet seat?

A family toilet seat, as the name suggests, is a toilet seat that the whole family can use.  It’s an integrated toilet training solution which combines an adult toilet seat with a toddler toilet seat.  This has a number of benefits when compared to the many other toilet training accessories found on the market today.

What are the benefits of a family toilet seat?

There are many benefits that a family toilet seat offers over more traditional toilet training products.  The main ones are:

Cost: There are so many options when it comes to toilet training that it can become overwhelming for parents.  There are ladders which lean against the toilet.  There are insets, seats and cushions which sit on the toilet pan and many, many more.  By the time you’ve worked out which product works best for your toddler you’ve probably spent a small fortune. I know we did!  When that time comes you’ll wish you’d gone straight for a family toilet seat. And saved some yourself a lot of time and money.

Safety: We found that a number of the products we used before deciding on a family toilet seat were, frankly, unsafe.  The ladders were wobbly and slipped on the tiled floors. The seats placed on top of the toilet were unstable, uncomfortable and never the right size. After a few attempts trying to use them (and a few accidents) our toddler wouldn’t go near them.  A good family toilet seat is secure and has a strong, stable toddler seat.  It’s something that your toddler will actually look forward to using.

Tidiness: Family toilet seats look good and eliminate the bathroom clutter you get from purchasing multiple products trying to find the one that works for your toddler.  At one point we had a ladder and three different seat insets squeezed down the side of our toilet.  It looked awful.

What features should I look for?

Family toilet seats come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Some are feature laden and some are basic.  The seat used as an example below, the Familoo toilet training seat, has the following features which make it one of the best on the market:family toilet seat

  • Soft Close
  • Magentic catch for the toddler toilet seat (toddler seat stores neatly away)
  • One-button quick-release (seat detaches for easy cleaning and improved hygiene)
  • Stylish, strong & durable
  • Anti-static & dust-proof
  • Easy to fit
  • Value for money

See below for an overview of all the features offered by this seat and some videos of the Familoo toilet training seat in action!


Family Toilet Seat Key Features

Family Toilet Seat in Action

Quick-release Demonstration

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